Updated on: October 2019

Working On: A huge uptick for HR Partner this month! Talking to some vendors for interesting integrations, also signing on our newest reseller partners and talking to some huge new customers. Things are finally starting to take shape and pay off after years of hard work.

Reading: In the process of reading “Factfulness” by Dr. Hans Rosling. It has been a refreshing lesson on how to look at the state of the world today, and to realise that everything is not all doom and gloom. Also bought a copy of “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari to read this month.

Exercising: Did a lot of walking while on holiday, but let that lapse upon my return. The hotter weather is making it more difficult to get out and exercise, but I am going to have to bite the bullet and do it.

Writing: Haven’t done a lot, and let this blog get a bit stale, but going to start up regular writing again for the rest of this year.

Watching: Haven’t really had the time to watch much TV lately, but we have started on the latest season of “The Good Place” and I have been devouring documentaries on NetFlix and YouTube of late.

Playing: Unfortunately, a broken finger during my holidays has meant no playing of guitar or keyboards for a while! 😔.

Recording: No formal recording, but doing a few videos to capture stuff ‘in the moment’.

Buying: Not many new things on the buying list as I am trying to reduce stuff, although I am keen on getting a Chinese Guqin stringed instrument to experiment with.

Travel: Just returned from an epic trip around the world with a close friend. Denver USA, Barcelona, Malta, Monaco, Greece - a most amazing time which I will blog about on here when I can catch up. Thinking about a family holiday in New Zealand for Christmas.