Updated on: February 2019

Working On: Planning lots of new features and enhancements to HR Partner based purely on customer feedback to date (plus feedback from lots of new customers).  Strangely, also been getting lots of small contract development work from old clients (and one new one).

Reading: My wife gave me a copy of Robert Ondaatje’s “Warlight” for Christmas, which I am enjoying reading. I also bought a copy of Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” over the holidays on my Kindle, which I will also read through.

Exercising: Started semi-intensive training with my Kendo club team that is looking to head to the Nationals in Perth later this year. I probably won’t participate as one of the ‘Seven Swords’, but will train with the touring team just to improve my own skills for this year. Started exercising with a kettlebell too, and using my new Apple Watch to keep a closer eye on my heart performance after last year’s health issues.

Writing: Re-started writing in the morning. Made even more fun by the fact I am learning a new writing script which is designed to obfuscate my private thoughts from anyone who may find my journal in the future.

Watching: Re-watching “Cuckoo” with my wife so that we can recap the series before watching the latest season 4. Also getting back into “Brooklyn 99” and “The Good Place”.

Playing: Had a great jam down in the Mornington Peninsula at Simon’s 50th party last month. I am revisiting a lot of old Ewan Dobson pieces and playing my acoustic guitar with a thumbpick again as a result.

Recording: Once I get some of the abovementioned Dobson track right, I may record them again and post on here or on Youtube.

Buying: Bought a lot of parts over 2018 (including a set of “Irish Tour” pickups on our trip to Ireland) to build a Strat replica guitars, which I completed earlier this month. Blog post to follow on the build steps etc.

Travel: After many years of not much travel, 2019 looks to be a major turnaround for that. In February I will be attending a week long ‘scramble’ programming session in the lovely island of Bali with my HR Partner development team. In March, I will be in Sydney again for the final week of my Catalysr accelerator program (also for HR Partner).

There is a possibility that I will have to go to Los Angeles sometime in April, but that is still in the air at this stage. Then, in July the mastermind group I am in are planning a trip to Singapore for a brainstorming and business improvement session.

Can’t wait for August though - that is where I meet up with my old friend Jamie in Barcelona, then go on another Blues Cruise with him to Malta and Monte Carlo. Also at that time is our annual HR Partner team meetup in Prague. Bring on those air miles!