Updated on: May 2019

Working On: So excited to welcome a new co-founder to HR Partner this month! Onwards and upwards!  Had a great finish to my Catalysr accelerator program last month in Sydney too. Lots of good things ahead for my startup.

Reading: Just finished reading “The Obstacle Is The Way” by Ryan Holiday. I don’t normally subscribe to stoic philosophy, but this book has a good take on the concept. Also bought a copy of “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari to read this month.

Exercising: Been very slack on this front, and haven’t been to Kendo training for the past couple of months as work got busy. But as soon as the “Seven Swords” team is back from the nationals in Perth, I will resume training with them again.

Writing: Re-started writing in the morning. Made even more fun by the fact I am learning a new writing script which is designed to obfuscate my private thoughts from anyone who may find my journal in the future.

Watching: Been watching “Poldark” with my wife and finished all 4 seasons now. Also started watching Ricky Gervais’ “After Life” which is surprisingly good and nothing like his previous works. Also starting to watch the latest season of “Victoria” with my wife.

Playing: Been revisiting some of my older classical guitar pieces, including Baroque favourites such as Scarlatti and Bach.

Recording: Will post something soon.

Buying: Not many new things on the buying list as I am trying to reduce stuff, although I am keen on getting a Chinese Guqin stringed instrument to experiment with.

Travel: There is a possibility that I will have to go to Los Angeles sometime in April, but that is still in the air at this stage. Then, in July the mastermind group I am in are planning a trip to Singapore for a brainstorming and business improvement session.

Can’t wait for August though - that is where I meet up with my old friend Jamie in Barcelona, then go on another Blues Cruise with him to Malta and Monte Carlo. Also at that time is our annual HR Partner team meetup in Prague. Bring on those air miles!