Building My Own Acoustic Guitar

My workbench at Thomas Lloyd Guitars

My workbench at Thomas Lloyd Guitars

Ok, it's been yet another delay between posting here, but this time I have an excuse - You see, I've been down in Melbourne building my own acoustic guitar for the past few weeks. 

I enrolled in the Thomas Lloyd Guitar building workshop, and was guided through the build by master luthier Chris Wynne and his able assistant Bill. 

I actually started a day by day photo essay of the build over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum - the link to the thread is:  


In summary, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I learned so much more than just how to build a guitar.  I learned about how I could go beyond what I thought my limitations were, and after years of self talk telling myself that I couldn't do certain things with precision - when it came down to the crunch, it turns out I got pretty damned close.