A drummer in the family...

I have posted on here about my older son a few times - he's somewhat of a guitar-o-holic like myself.  However, I also DO have a younger son, now 10, who is also a budding musician.

Sebastian started off playing the guitar like his brother, but I could see that the drive his older brother had wasn't quite there.  He took up the bass for a little bit as well, but finally one day came to me and declared that he wanted to play the drums.

Now, as a guitarist, I was one of those people who believed that drumming wasn't a *real* musical talent - Haha.  Don't worry, I am reformed now.

Well, I had a cheap little electric drum kit lying around the place that my younger son would bang away on, and finally, my wife and I decided that for Christmas this year, we would buy him a 'proper' drum set.

We went down to our local music store and picked out a Ludwig 'Breakbeats' kit for him, which is slightly smaller than a standard drum kit, with a smaller kick drum and only one mounted tom.

I've also now discovered a whole new world of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) related to drums.  I've already replaced the snare head, and looking at other techniques to improve the tone of the drums/cymbals.

We've also booked in some lessons for him in the new year, but he has been enjoying banging away on his new kit in the meantime...