2013 Challenge - February

Canadian guitarist/composer Ewan Dobson

Canadian guitarist/composer Ewan Dobson

Ok, maybe most of your haven't seen the videos of the amazing guitarist playing all these rhythmic songs on guitar whilst wearing all sorts of silly headgear?  Then again, some of you may have already seen Canadian guitarist Ewan Dobson on Youtube in the past few years.

This song 'Time 2' was one of the most watched guitar videos on Youtube, and I am not sure whether it is because of the 'Raiden' hat he was wearing whilst playing it.

This song was actually a massive challenge.  Mainly because it is played through a delay pedal, with 1/8th dotted note repeats, so timing is absolutely crucial here.  Half a beat off and it all sounds a right mess.  Did I mention in my last post that timing and tempo was one of my weaknesses? :)

The basic song itself was not that difficult to pick up.  There are a lot of wide stretches with the left hand that were challenging, but overall, the absolute biggest challenge with this one was maintaining a steady, and FAST pace, throughout.

I ended up using a click track when recording this, just to keep with time.  In fact, when playing it anytime at the moment, I still have to use a little earpiece with a metronome beat to keep me on track.

This recording was done at 120BPM too, whereas the original is done at 140BPM.  I need to work on the control and speed so I can get it up to Ewan's pace.  This is another song that I want to re-record later in the year when my skills (hopefully) get better.

Oh, and this was the first time I had used a thumb pick.  You HAVE to use a thumb pick with most of Ewan's songs, otherwise your thumbnail will be just a worn out sliver in very short order.