2013 Challenge - March

Australian Guitarist/Composer Owen Van Larkins

Australian Guitarist/Composer Owen Van Larkins

Continuing my challenge to learn one new acoustic piece and record it for every month of the year, this month I have gone closer to home and picked a wonderfully beautiful piece from Australian guitarist/composer Owen Van Larkins.  This short piece, simply titled "Freyah's Song" was one I saw on Youtube and as soon as I heard the first three or four bars, I knew I had to learn it.

It is really interesting how this song sounds almost like two guitars, but it is only one guitar here.  The cleverness of the composer shines through in very good note choices that complement the guitar, and the open (DADGAD) tuning very well.

This was the first song I've ever played with the capo so high up the neck - on the 6th fret !! So I was glad I had the top of the line G7 capo, because they really get out of the way, as well as being easy to put on and remove.

This was the first of my acoustic songs that a friend in New York asked if he could download as an MP3 so he could listen to it while riding his bike...