2013 Challenge - April

Guitarist/Composer Jimmy Wahlsteen

Guitarist/Composer Jimmy Wahlsteen

Whoops, I realise I have let this blog sit a bit dormant for a couple of months while I got distracted with other 'life' stuff.  Time to get back on it and get things moving again. 

Lets go back a couple of months to April.  Yes, I have still managed to keep at my initial goal of 'a song a month', and in April, I learned the wonderful piece 'Hitched For Life' by Jimmy Wahlsteen. 

I found the timing of this piece quite a bit of work to get right.  Also, this song required a capo on the 8th (!) fret - the highest I have ever played with a capo on, which was interesting in it's own right. 

I dedicate this song to my dearest wife, to whom I am hitched for life... ;-)