2013 Challenge - June

Craig D'Andrea

Craig D'Andrea

Another back dated post here - sorry! :)  This month, I have studied and rehearsed the song "Falling For Twelves (and the B.L.Ts)" by Craig D'Andrea. 

Stylistically different from most of the other songs I have played to date - this one caught my attention because of the unique rhythm to it.  However when I started to learn it, I came across a massive, what I thought insurmountable, problem that had me perplexed for a while.

The main verse of this song actually requires a 'thumb slap' on the strings in the middle of the bar.  No problem, I've done thumb slaps before with no issues.  However, in this piece, the thumb slap was accompanied by a plucked note with the third finger.  A combination that I found impossible to play. 

So, I worked around my limitation.  What I ended up doing was instead of thumb slapping, I slapped the strings with the back of the nails on the index and middle fingers of my right hand.  I made sure that I slapped the string with the note to be played.   This resulted in a slight strum of the string which accentuated the note that Craig intended the guitarist to play.

I think it worked.  Or maybe not.  I'll let you be the judge.