2013 Challenge - May

David Essig

David Essig

Ok, I am starting to ramp up again with the monthly challenge, after going MIA for a short while.  This month's piece proved to be a fairly challenging from a timing and 'feel' perspective. 

I chose Don Ross's excellent transcription of the David Essig classic called "Berkley Springs".   A beautiful piece, but it needs a fairly subtle touch, and there are tiny timing changes in some sections which are hard to nail down at first.

This was also a chance for me to record my brand new beautiful Taylor Grand Symphony BTO guitar that I had just bought.  All my other recordings here have been on my Maton ECW80C, so it was nice to have a brighter guitar for this particular song. 

The tuning is actually higher than standard - to F.  The shorter scale on this guitar also made the job easier as the string tension was not too high when tuned up like this.