Lets launch another web app...

Rebounding back onto my 2015 challenge to make at least one web app or mobile app per month this year, we have just completed and launched an online staff induction platform called LetsInductMe.

This one was built on the back of a request from an existing client, who wanted something similar, but basic done for a particular corporation.  We built the 'quick and dirty' version in pure HTML, but in the process, realised that and induction training portal was something that a lot of small and medium sized businesses could really use.

More importantly, what if they could actually create and manage their own inductions without the need to resort to an HTML programmer or designer?  That is where the idea of this web app was born - that for a small monthly fee, the HR team could manage induction training without any prior programming knowledge.

It is early days yet, but the interest seems to be high - much higher than our earlier web app that we released last year.  This time around I am trying to resort to alternative marketing schemes instead of traditional Adwords, Facebook and Twitter advertising.

So far, getting the site mentioned on ProductHunt.com and BetaList.com seems to have worked remarkably well, with a lot of interested sign ups for our beta program.  Here is hoping we can learn from them and make this product into something successful.