Making Mistakes


I have a confession... You know those songs I have been posting on here for the 2013 challenge I set myself?  Well, I cheated.  Sort of.

You see, one thing I really struggle with is the ability to play a song through from start to finish note perfect, without missing a beat or playing the wrong note.  I don't think I have EVER played a whole song through without at least one small mistake in it.

If you listen ever so carefully to those clips I posted, you can hear every now and then a subtle click or pop where I spliced together different takes.  On a good one, there will only be one or two splices, but on some, there up to six or seven splices.  Don't even ask me how make takes I went through to even get to that point.

There is something about hitting that 'Record' button that puts that extra pressure on me to get things note perfect.  Of course, I then tense up and make even MORE mistakes.

However, this is something I have been working on diligently this year.  I want to be able to play songs without making as many mistakes as in the past.  I know asking for total perfection is a bit unrealistic, but I would at least like to be able to put in a performance level effort every time I pick up the guitar.

In analysing my playing, I found that my mind tends to drift to a myriad of other subject while I am playing, instead of focusing on the music.  I will catch myself thinking about inane things to do around the house or work problems that I am having.  Obviously, I will have to quell this noise a lot more if I am to improve my playing.

In essence, I have to find a meditative state whilst playing.  I need to focus myself on each and every note and nuance, as well as the tempo and maintain a relaxed state of body so that I can adapt to the music a lot better.  This is my goal for the next few months.

I am hoping that when it comes time to do the 'professional' takes for my songs later in the year, that I can walk into the studio and play them with as few retakes as possible.  It makes sense from an economical viewpoint as well, as I will be paying for studio time by the hour and thus quicker takes will cost me less.