Recording On The iPad

As you might know, I LOVE recording stuff on my MacBook in Garageband.  When I got an iPad, I was excited by the promise of doing some recording on such a portable platform.  I dreamed of recording whilst kicking back on my deck etc., but alas, the early experiences were not so good.

I mean, there are some GREAT music apps on the iPad, but getting them to talk to each other has always been a pain.  Well, it hasn't been possible at all, actually.  Apart from AudioCopy, there really hasn't been any other way to get audio from one app to another, so I used to resort to hooking up the audio output from my iPad to my MacBook and recording everything in Garageband on there.

Here is a sample of how I recorded a short track using this method:

That was the only way to record and mix different sounds on different tracks in your DAW.

Until now.

Now, we have the incredible Audiobus app, which enable real time transfer for audio from one app to another (as long as the app supports the Audiobus SDK).  Every day, more and more apps are Audiobus ready.  iPad recording has finally come of age.

You can even control other apps from within different apps, using the Audiobus sidebar that pops up when running.  Now I can be in Animoog, and I can start/stop recording and playback in MultiTrack DAW without leaving Animoog and interrupting my workflow.

Here is a sample of a track I recorded ENTIRELY on the iPad, using Audiobus to redirect audio into MultiTrack DAW: